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Long Weekend, Pear Painting

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Hi Friends!  We took a long weekend and went to Ocean City, MD. The girls love it there because the boardwalk has tons of rides that are just right for Molly. It's a fun, short vacation.  Since I'm a Jersey Girl I find I prefer our beaches but that being said, Ellie enjoyed the ocean and Molly built sand castles. Really, what more do you need?

Here are some pics. Molly rode the rides. Ellie ate pizza.

Then we came home and I painted a pear.

I know it's a little small for the space but I like it there and I may do a second, companion piece. Maybe an apple?  Two pears?  A partridge in a pear tree?  HA!



  1. OH my word. We stayed in DC last summer, and went to Ocean City for only a day (but man, what a fun day it was!) I'm so jealous you got to spend the weekend. Being landlocked in Utah my whole life, it was the funnest beach we've ever been to. I love your pics, and I had no idea you had such mad painting skills!

  2. I love your painting! Great job, as usual!!!


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