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Happy Surprises

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Today started out as a bland, what-are-we-gonna-do kind of day. I expected it to be a day with a lot of bored whining coming from all of us. But I was so surprised to have had a day filled with little bits of happy surprises.

A few weeks back I started powerwashing the deck and had to stop to do other things. I decided to fire up the powerwasher again and get back to it.  I started getting a bit weary after a while and longed to quit but we have enough unfinished projects around here. So I kept on going but alas, once again Jim has came to my rescue and finished it up for me! 

What do I see through the trees? 

Right. Jim following through. Love him.

Another happy surprise...my sister called and would we have my sweet nephew over for a playdate?  Ummmmm, heck yeah!  Send him over!  He and Molly spent a good long while playing, eating popsicles, and running through the sprinkler. Molly, who is usually the one who is bored all the time, was cheerfully occupied with her cousin.

Just when I thought my day was about through, we hear the doorbell ring. It's my favorite neighbors who are mack-daddy cool.  They walk in and plunk a STILL WARM peach and blueberry cobbler on our table. I mean a whole darn casserole dish of it. They had too many peaches and thought we may enjoy a cobbler.  Aren't they the best?  They have two of the sweetest, cutest girls that play so nicely with ours and really, they may be the best part of moving into the neighborhood!

And lastly, my silly little blog hit 500 followers today!  I am so surprised that 500 people (ok, 499 because one is my mom) choose to read what I write.  Amazing. I'm so grateful!  Thank you!!!
What happy surprises did you get today?  Did you give anyone a happy surprise?



  1. What, moms don't count?? :)) Your day sounded wonderful and the deck really looks great! And the cobbler looks awesome!

  2. Hi
    Happy Surprises
    Please keep it coming and I'll be back for a more bit of surprise! It seems so simple and yet extremely useful.


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