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Ruffled Neckline Tutorial: Yellowcloth

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I was browsing through the links from this week's party and stumbled upon a great tutorial which Jacinda at Yellowcloth linked up. She teaches us how to embelish a neckline on a plain shirt with cascading ruffles. So pretty!   I appreciate this tutorial for couple of reasons:  good pictures, easy to follow directions, and a finished product I wish I had in my closet!

Jacinda also has a tutorial on adding shirred sleeves. How easy is this and how many shirts could you do this to right now?   I already know the T shirt I have earmarked for this treatment.

I like these little embellishments because they don't take a ton of sewing know-how but they make a big difference in a shirt that you may think you are done with!



  1. Jenny,
    Thank you SO much for featuring my tutorials! You are the best! It was such a great surprise to see my pictures on your blog when I saw your blog on my reading list! I so much appreciate it. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy happy 4th!


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