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Blue Hydrangeas and Playing With PicMonkey

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Today was Molly's preschool graduation. It was adorable! They sang a mess of songs, got little diplomas, and then we had doughnuts and fruit in the fellowship hall. Perfect! I was proud of my little graduate (even if I think preschool grad ceremonies are a tad ridiculous). She is so excited for Kindergarten and I'm excited she'll have a full day of school! She is super ready.

Anyway, we have two potted hydrangeas in our backyard right now. Jim picked them up for me at Costco because he knows I just can't live in a house that doesn't have a hydrangea or two or 4 or 12. They are gorgeous but the forced blooms are starting to fade. I love them even more now since they've deepened from a brilliant blue to a darker, moodier blue/green. I clipped a few of the faded flowers to dry and have them all year. I used to do this in our old house and it was so nice to see my garden all year long. All you do is cut, bind them together, and hang them upside for a spell. So pretty!

So I snapped a few pics to show you all but then I got into playing around on PicMonkey which is my new go-to photo editing site now that Picnic is gone. It has most of the same great features and is as user friendly as Picnic. I used a couple of different effects and such.  Want to see what I did?

 I think the second picture is the closest to the actual color in real life, by the way.  The differences though are subtle among all the pictures. But I like subtle.

This is the the Gritty effect which I faded and lightened.

I think this is using the Cross Process.

This is the paint texture added to the background. I erased it from the flowers so it would just be in the back.

This picture is using the Tranquil effect and photo corners. Cute.

 It was oodles of fun to try different things!  I'm addicted I think!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Mine started with a small cone of black raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips.



  1. I LOVE PICMONKEY!!! I'm addicted too Jenny! Your Hydrangeas are beautiful!! I have those in my front yard, but they are not blooming yet. I think I need some fertilizer-although I in MI??? Thank you for sharing w/ us! I found you @ A2D...hope you can visit....I am your newest follower :)

    ~ Julie

  2. Wow, love the hydrangeas! Won't it be awesome when they all bloom at the same time next year???

  3. Beautiful! I've been using ipiccy more but this makes me want to play around with picmonkey again! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I LOVE hydrangeas! Annabelle's are my favorite. (Having a daughter named Anna Belle probably swings my vote a bit!) Yours are beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photos, Jenny! I tried PicMonkey and really enjoyed using it. Then I discovered ipiccy and love that, too! I think I've become addicted to photo-editing! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Neat...isn't is fun to play around with the different effects. I didn't know that you could erase, how neat it that! Thank you.

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