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Summer Mantels

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My mantel is yucky and ugly so I decided not to decorate it for summer. Instead I mantelized the top of my little china cabinet. It's enough mantel for me!  I just threw up some shells in a bowl, some candlesticks, and a message in a bottle. My favorite part is the book of essays called Gifts of the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Here are some beautiful mantels from around the blogiverse!



  1. LOVE the word "mantelized"....very original!! And I love the decorations. Very summery and cool looking!!!

  2. Jenny, I stopped by because your blog name is so cute, and lo and behold, there's my very own mantle. ;-)

    I could hit it off with a gal who calls herself sane(ish). Love it!

    1. I meant to email you all and let you know I was borrowing your mantels and forgot! Sorry...but I'm glad you found it! It's great and I was so glad to include it with the others!

  3. Your "matelization" looks really nice. The color gives a cool and refreshing feel. The message in the bottle was a neat touch.

  4. Those blues are so pretty against your gray walls - very fun mantelization of your china cabinet!

  5. Thanks so much for posting these awesome pics! I love beach mantles and have been looking for some inspiration for my own mantle! :)

  6. Looks so very wonderful! You really have nailed that beach, breezy look. Thanks so much for sharing at our Pin'inspiration Party last week and you are a feature this week C:

  7. Cute "mantel"! Great inspirations for the rest of us! Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.


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