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Glass Cabinet Doors

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We spent the whole afternoon at the pool and my kids are wiped!  We went back after dinner so they got a double dose and now they are tucked in bed snoozing the day away!  I hope you had a great day too!

I wanted to post a little tutorial on how I repaired the glass in the cabinet doors of the china cabinet I made over. 

It looked like this when I began. The glass was held in place by very slim pieces of wooden moulding that were nailed onto the cabinet door with teeny tiny nails that only a mouse could hammer in.

You can see the wood moulding here a bit. See it on the right side of the arch? It's boinging out because the nails were rusty, missing, or the wood had dried and split away from them.

I wanted the glass but I knew the original method wasn't going to work for me since I didn't have a teeny tiny hammer or the interest in finding wood that thin, bending it, etc.  Nope, silcone caulk was the way for me! I used one that said it was for doors, windows, and trim.

Make sure to get clear as it comes in different colors!  This stuff rocks!

I flipped the door so the outer side was on the table.  I had a routed lip/ edge/channel in which to lay the glass so I didn't need to do anything to create the lip/edge/channel thing. So I centered it as much as possible in the channel and then slowly ran a bed of caulk so that half the bead was on the glass and half was on the wood. I snipped the tip so that I had a pretty thick bead because there was a large gap between the glass and the door frame.

Then I smoothed the bead with my finger and wiped any smudges with a wet paper towel. I let it dry  over night and it was perfect!  The glass was held in place and I didn't need to find a mouse to wield a tiny hammer! 

Easy peasy.  Don't you love when it's easy peasy? 


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  1. This is awesome! Good job! Everything you do looks so great.


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