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Ellie's Goldfish Birthday Party

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We had a blast yesterday at Ellie's goldfish themed party!  The weather was incredible here in Jersey and we spent the whole time out on the deck or playing football and Frisbee. The kids got a chance to run through the sprinkler too. It was a great day and, while I'm not sure Ellie knew it was a party in her honor, she seemed to enjoy herself!  Here are a few pictures.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't take better ones. I thought they were great and then when I loaded them up they were fuzzy or the color was off. I'm the worst photographer!  I need a teacher.

The candy and dessert table


Those twirly sticks are cream filled cookies. Found those at Dollar Tree. Aren't they cute?

My nieces and nephews have come to expect soda in glass bottles at our parties now. How can I disappoint?

These cupcake decorations were my favorite part. I love the little fish stickers!  It's impossible to find goldfish specific stickers so these were the best I could find.

Not sure if the grill was working, we opted for a good ole 6 ft. hero.

I covered a regular party hat with scrapbook paper, a crepe paper ruffle and pom pom and a smaller version of the cupcake decorations.  I'm hooked on embellished party hats now!

The birthday girl!  She wore a light blue bloomer-blouse set that had red and orange fish embroidered on it. She looked adorable!

I know y'all are wondering why we put the food table in front of the air conditioning unit?  Well, it was the only shady spot at the time the sandwich was delivered and you know, no one likes sweaty cheese.



  1. OH' MY PRECIOUS IS THIS PARTY I ADORE IT! I am also seeing a feature in your near future. However, for me to feature this lovely party I would need to see COM-Monday linked either under your link parties or in your post. Thanks a bunch, jen

    1. It's not there? Off to fix that! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. How aDoRaBlE is this?!? Loving those oranges and blues. And all of the cute details totally take this to the next level. Precious. Would be delighted for you to link up with us over at Mop It Up Mondays: http://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2012/06/mop-it-up-mondays-21-with-give-away.html


  3. What an awesome party! I love that table setting. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. That table is gorgeous! I love the fish banner in the front. The colors look fantastic. :) Megan

  5. That looks fantastic!!! Great job! What a cute theme!


  6. Such a great theme! It came together perfectly! I love this for a 2nd birthday!!

  7. Looks really cute, and everything matches (I just stared at that goldfish blouse/dress and thought: "Hey, that's awesome!"). Congrats!

  8. Wow! You did a great job! Love how everything coordinates!

  9. What a gorgeous set up and a super cute theme! I love it!

  10. What a GREAT party! I hope you will come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share it with us. Thanks, I hope to see you there!
    ---Sheryl @ Lady Behind The Curtain---

  11. So awesome! I love all the orange and blue!

  12. Really cute idea. My baby will turn 1 in October, and I'm already scanning for ideas. Thanks for this inspiration.

  13. Gorgeous party decorations and a beautiful little girl! Looks like a wonderful party...

  14. Cute! I love birthday parties! Your daughter is adorable as well. Great work!

  15. What a fun party! Your daughter is just darling!

  16. Oh my goodness, I fell in love with this party last week, but totally got distracted and didn't get a chance to tell you!! But, seriously, it is the cutest party idea!! I adore all of the details!!

    I've pinned and google plus'd!


  17. You're so creative!!!Love this


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