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Party Cookie Pops, Chandelier

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Hi friends!  Ellie is turning two on Saturday and oh boy is she. Molly never really had terrible twos, I'm coming to realize. Oh I thought she did. I was way wrong. My little Eleanor has two moods. Adorable and beastly.  She switches between the two without warning or reason.    You know how they sometimes post the names of people who bounce checks hanging in the cashier's stall?  Well, I'm pretty sure my name is on some list at Michael's now. She threw such a fit the manager came with free craft items for the girls just to try to get her to quiet down.  The only thing she wanted to do was touch, touch, touch,grab, spit, etc.

Then at dinner tonight she threw her pasta at Molly, then she spit milk all over the table, and finally she kept jumping on Molly's head while they were resting and watching TV in my bedroom. The worst?  As Molly is yelling "OW" Ellie is cracking up. She can be a bit maniacal!

And then she does the sweetest things a minute later, like saying "MMMMM, Nummy!  This is goooood!" as she eats her dinner or that she carries books around wherever she goes so she can "read" to herself.

Have I told you she loves fish?  If not, Ellie loves fish. She points them out wherever she sees them and yells "WISH! WISH!"  So her birthday party theme is goldfish. I practiced making a few of the Oreo cookie pops today and I think they mostly came out cute!  

I had a bit of trouble getting the cookies to stay together once I pushed the stick in. I think the cream was too soft. Next time I'll chill them for a few minutes to stiffen it up. Maybe that would help.

Guess what!  Jim found my chandelier crystals!  He literally went through every unpacked box in our basement and the entire basement is full of unpacked boxes. Of course they were in the last box.  But now she's complete again and things are all back in balance in the universe.

Speaking of parties...have you seen this candy shop party at Bliss Images and Beyond?  It's so cute! Go check it out so you can see her other fun details and her deck does a photo bomb in one and it made me drool. It looks like an awesome deck.

 Have a good evening and a great tomorrow!



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