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Target Bargains

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Don't you love Target?  I went there the other day to return something and ended up scoring some cool stuff way on sale or in the dollar bins.  Cool, right?  Don't you love when that happens?    Check out my loot!

Large white rook (possibly a candle holder???)--$2.50

Large candle holders--$2.50

I plan on spraying these with the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint

Going to try to make them look like mercury glass. We'll see!

Privet House white plate-- $1.18 (EEEEEP!)

Here's how the plate wall is coming along. Little by little, right?

OMgosh. That looks puny!  Need more plates!
And Target is having a Cyber Sale Week until July 28, 2012!  Shwing! 

24850_Shop Target’s Summer Cyber Week Sale -  Ends 7/28!

Then I headed over to Joann's Fabric and grabbed this stuff on sale too!  Each spool of ribbon cost me either $0.97 or $1.97!  I got orangey burlap ribbon, cream and brown damask, double faced medium width light brown satin, 2 spools of wide double faced red, and a large spool of wide double faced dark brown ribbon.

In the remnant bin I found some cream burlap, natural linen, orange satin, and some other sort of natural colored cottons and none were more than $6.00. The orange chevron was not on sale but I am planning on making some fall pillows for the living room with it.

So have you done some bargain shopping lately?  Show me what you've found!



  1. Such great finds, and I looooooove the orange chevron fabric (even though it wasn't on sale)!

  2. I'm so excited for Target's cyber sale! Glad I'm not the only one! :)

  3. That plate wall is awesome! And I love that I'm not the only one making up words like orangey ;-)

  4. Wow! You got some great stuff! Congrats! I haven't been shopping in a while, but I got some birthday money so I plan to do so very soon! I love Chevron print! I hope you'll show us the pillows when you finish them. I would love to see how those turn out. Your wall looks great. What a neat idea!



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