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Where Have I Been?

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I'm feeling whiny tonight.  And I don't have any pictures to post. So since the only one left reading is my mom...hi mom.

We need another computer. Jim works from home much of the time and I can't ever get on the darn thing to do anything. I'm over it and frustrated. Of course I know he needs to use it and his job is priority #1.  He has dibs. But I feel disconnected from y'all, from my blog, and, as dramatic as it may sound, from the world.

What to do?  I feel like we are hemorrhaging money lately. We replaced our electric system, our AC system, and a bunch of other stuff. Do we really need to buy another computer?  Such a first world problem, isn't it?  And yet it feels huge to me right now.  This. is. my. issue.  And then I feel a little sheepish about how annoyed I feel about having only 1 (working, I should say) lap top.  AND, I'm pretty sure the Real Housewives of NJ is NOT new tonight. The injustice of it all!

So let me change the subject. We still have 4 weeks until school starts. We go back on Sept. 4th. Despite having sent out resumes I haven't gotten a call. Or even an interview!  ACK!  It's like not being invited to the prom. Which I wasn't. But that's a whine for another day. So on the one hand, I feel a bit sad that I won't be putting together a classroom and feeling excited about all that. And on the other hand it gives me a whole year with Ellie!  It will be the first time she and I will be together every day without Molly. I am looking forward to more one-on-one with her.  Another plus to being home longer?  I won't have to write names on 25 spelling workbooks. Can I get a holla!!

Ok, so hopefully tomorrow I'll more interesting things to post about.



  1. I'm so sorry that you're having a tough time, Jenny! We all go through times like this, and it always helps to vent. I hope you feel a little better since getting all this off your chest. I said a prayer for you. Here's hoping you have a great week!

  2. I'm selfishly glad you're not getting a job....more time for you to work on cool blog stuff :)


  3. It's okay to whine! I hope things get better. Keep your chin up!

  4. Aw, my mom always tells me "Things happen for reasons" and "When one door closes another will open". I know they both sound corny, but I find them to be true. Life doesn't always go according to our own plans, but sometimes it is for a reason. Maybe your little lady will need more time with you this year or maybe you'll be able to dedicate some more time to creative pursuits. I hope today is a better day. Keep your chin up x


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