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Our Last Ditch At Summer!

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We are taking a little vacation to Lancaster, PA today for a few days.  I can't let summer go!  I am holding onto it with both hands but I know I'll have to let it go soon as Molly starts kindergarten on Sept. 4th.  But until then I can wahoo it all the way through the end of August! 

I have some plans for September though since I'm not working full time.  If I write them here I will have to do them, right??

Blog Related
1. Clean up my blog a bit.  Dedicate more time to keeping it current and relevant.
2. Create some type of advertising fee menu and learn how to start making a little money by doing this.

Non Blog Related
1. Get a grip on my cleaning schedule (like, um, cleaning something..anything...ever)
2. Establish a chore system for Molly
3. Start meal planning

What do you think?  What are your goals either long range or short? 

Ok, so I'll see you on Tuesday or Wednesday!  Or as my niece might say,  C U on 2sday.



  1. I think I should copy your resolution list. Well, not the chores for Molly. It's way to far for a little tyke to travel to work here! ~ Maureen

  2. Gosh, I'd love to think about advertising for my blog. I'm not sure if I'm "there" yet yk? On the other goals, I'd just like to get my house clean now that most of hte kids are in school! And start doing a bunch of canning in prep for winter.


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