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Guest Blogger: Kelsey from Fancy That Notion

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I'm so happy to have Kelsey from Fancy That Notion here today to show us some of her favorite projects, including a beautiful and delicious sounding fancy drink!  Thanks for guest blogging today, Kelsey!

Hello there! My name's Kelsey! I blog over at Fancy ThatNotion

Here are a few of our recent projects:

I hope you'll stop by sometime! We'd love to have you:) Also, come check out our shop if you would like!

Today I'm sharing my family's favorite way to cool off during those hot August days:)

In my family, nothing screams summer like a tall glass of "electric lemonade." The delightful mix of raspberries, lemon, and fresh mint (!) is so satisfyingly refreshing, and yet so simple.


· lemonade concentrate (pink or yellow)

· sprite

· ice

· frozen raspberries

· fresh mint

The exact measurements will just depend on the flavor and texture that you want, but here are some general guidelines to follow:

Put a handful of mint leaves, a handful of ice cubes, a few handfuls of frozen raspberries, half a can of lemonade concentrate, and an eye-balled amount of sprite into a blender. Blend! That's all there is to it. And you have one of the most amazing tastes of summer! Enjoy!:)

It's Jenny again! Doesn't that sound super yummy?  But that peanut butter pie is killing me. I want to eat that right now.

Email me if you have a project you'd like featured!

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