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Happy Birthday to Me

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I'm 39 today. I feel like an old hag. I hate growing old!  I wish I was one of those people who could enjoy the process, wear their grays like a badge of honor, and accept the inevitable. I can't!  I want to be 23 again!  But time marches on.

So I was driving home from Home Goods today and noticed someone was throwing out these in recycling.

13 of them in total!  I am going to spray some black because they are dirty beyond cleaning.  But all in all I am excited to be able to go nuts with mums around the house in these.

So happy birthday to me!  13 used and dirty plastic plant urns!  Guess at 39 this is the stuff that excites me! 

See ya at the nursing home!


  1. Happy birthday dear Jenny, Happy birthday to you!
    If it helps I'm 53 and kicking and screaming in protest all the way!
    But we're HERE - we still have the luxury of complaining - we HERE on this magnificent planet of ours ( so it ain't so bad after all )
    Enjoy your urns girl!
    Big birthday hugs,

  2. Jenny, let me give you a bright spot... in the forties, you're in the old age of youth. when in the fifties, you're in the youth of old age! :) i didn't like turning 30 AT ALL & now i'll soon be 64 - soooo hard to believe! Esther

  3. Happy Birthday! I was at Homee Goods today too... It just opened yesterday, and they have sooo much good stuff! Have fun planting!

  4. Oh, whatever! You're hardly an old hag! :) If you are then I am and we're not gonna have any of that!
    Yippee on the score! Lucky dog!
    Happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! For YEARS my kids thought I was crazy checking out everyones junk along the road for garbage pickup. Now they bring home items they find on their own saying "look what someone was throwing out!" I love the thrill of finding something...and turning it into something better! Enjoy your Birthday...enjoy each new, interesting, adventurous year!

  6. Happy Birthday to ya! Please don't talk about age I will be 41 next month and can't keep up with covering my greys :(

    But let's just enjoy life!


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