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Projects and Inspiration

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What's going on here lately?  Well, we're getting ready for Molly to start Kindergarten. The first day is on Sept. 4th but we have a few meet-n-greets, orientations, etc. to attend before. She seems very blase about the whole thing, meanwhile I'm going crazy with excitement for her. I just know she's going to dig it in a huge way!!

What else?  My mom is visiting. She came up from NC with us when we came back from the beach. I love having her here. She really is the best person I know and my kids adore her. How can they not though?  She's enchanting!

I am in the middle of some projects and found that a bunch of you (youse for my NJ/PA peeps) have been doing some fun things!  Check these out!

Chevron Wreath
I love that this wreath is so simple but makes a huge impact!

DIY Pallet Headboard
This does not look like a pallet DIY project!  It's so well done!

Dresser Makeover
I love the contrast in this dresser makeover!

Halloween Banner
This banner is spooky and festive but glammy at the same time!

Dining Table
I have no words...this is gorgeous!  I want her to make me one too!  Oh please!

Tomorrow I'll have some party features and the link party!


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  1. Thanks for featuring my table! You would be amazed at how crazy-easy it was! It was my very first woodworking project!


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