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My Darling Beasts

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This will surprise you since you know I have it ALL TOGETHER all the time but this weekend my girls looked angelic in their Easter finery but behaved like apes in pink polyester. They were frilly and lacy and rustled when they walked but that was all a pretty facade. They whined, cried, fussed, fought, and basically did everything in their power to get in trouble and no amount of white tights and sparkly new shoes could cover it all up. 

I won't go into details but let's just sum it all up in a limerick.

There once were two sweet darling girls

Who liked to play princess and twirl

but they liked better to fight,scratch, scream, stomp, and bite

While Mom and Dad rocked back and forth in a corner.

I never said I was a poet.

 Ellie is in that weird phase of needing naps but not needing naps and Molly has always needed a tremendous amount of sleep so I think they were just wiped by the weekend's fun. But wow, was I ever glad to get them to bed tonight. 

Sleep well, my angels. I'll see you in the morning and hopefully the rabies meds will have kicked in.

This picture sums them up perfectly. Molly is trying so hard to be perfect and Ellie couldn't manage it if she tried. Sweater falling off, silly face, wrinkly knees, the whole thing. That is my Ellie when she isn't walking around screaming "BUTT CHEEKS!"

Aww, Molly is so sweet, isn't she?  She is even sweeter as she screams "ELEANORRRRRRRR!!" at the top of her lungs  or says "WHAT THE!" really loudly during the homily at church.

Mom:  Ellie, can I get a picture?
Ellie: Dude, can't you see I'm busy here?  Easter eggs don't hunt themselves, you know. FFS.

Ok she didn't really say that but you know that is what she is thinking.

This will do.

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