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Easy Placemat Pillow--You CAN Make Some Too!

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Spring is the spruce up month, don't you think?  It is hard to resist cleaning and shining things up when spring comes and we are working on our backyard a bit.
I have been looking for outdoor pillows that are bright but not cheesy, and cheap to brighten up our Adirondack chairs. While browsing through a discount store, I found these pretty, water-resistant placemats for $2.99 a piece. I figured they would make pretty pillows so I grabbed two and got to work!

Start with a placemat that is made by sewing to pieces together, not just a flat piece of fabric.

placemat pillow

Carefully open up the seam on one short side of the placemat. Stuff with fiberfill or insert a pillow form.

placemat pillow

Sew up the opening using either your machine or by hand. Stand back and smile at your cleverness.

placemat pillow

If I wasn't completely sure water couldn't get through the fabric, I would have used an outdoor pillow insert but since I tested it first, I knew it would be ok outside. Plus, we take our cushions in when it rains.

Isn't it cute?  Isn't it stupid easy?  

Not to change the subject...well, ok, to change the subject, I haven't been blogging lately.  Did you notice? I worked on some projects but I was finding myself struggling to take pictures, write up the tutorials, etc.  I needed a break. I know you understand that sometimes you just need to take a step back and so that's what I did.  And now I'm back and hoping to have some summer projects to share with you soon! Thanks for sticking with me, friends!



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