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5 Ways to Add a Beach Vibe to Your Home

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You all know I a love being a Jersey girl and part of the reason is because we have awesome beaches! Some of the best moments of my life happened at the Jersey shore, including getting engaged. I also had some of my most embarrassing, will-never-tell-my-daughters moments at the Jersey shore but that's for a different blog.

 My girls will be going to the Jersey shore for the first time this year and I'm so happy they will finally get to experience it as I did as a child minus having to get up at 4 am to "beat the traffic." But even if you don't live in NJ (sorry to hear!) you can add a bit of beach to your home easily. Beachy keen. isn't it?  (wah-wahhhhhh).

1. Add in a bit of rope somewhere like these rope-wrapped pots from House by Hoff. How easy!  And any kind of rope will do really! Rope screams boat and boat screams water because boat screaming desert doesn't make sense.

House By Hoff

 2. Fill some vessels with sand and set them out in a vignette. I used little jars to save sand from our vacations but you can use dollar store vases, old pickle jars, even some wine glasses. Better yet, tie some ROPE around those glass vessels and you are killing two seagulls with one stone!

3.  Create some beach inspired artwork. These paintings offer the vibe of the seaside without getting sand all up in your crevices! Sweet! The tutorial shows you that you don't need to be Michaelangelo to create beautiful art.

My Clever Nest

4. Add a seaashell garland.  I love this one from Finding Home!  The little bits of glass add some sparkle to the monocromatic colors of the sea stars and shells.  I have seen little bags of shells at the dollar store and the Christmas Tree Shoppe had starfish and sand dollars for a song. And look..more rope!
Finding Home

5. Set out beach inspired children's books.  My sister has a book rack in her family room which holds picture books. She changes them for each holiday or season, and I have always loved this idea!  Not only is it a way for kids to have some refreshing new literature but book covers can be decor themselves!  Here are a few kiddie beach reads you can stack in a basket and set next to the couch!

Are you inspired to become a beach bum yet? 


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