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25 Peach Recipes (Sweet and Savory!)

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 Let's start with a story today, shall we?  Once upon a time, Jim and I were dating and we broke up. I was sad. It was Saturday night and I had no where to go.  My roommate, however, had her boyfriend over and they were having a great time which made me feel even lonelier and sadder.  Not knowing what to do with myself I ran out to the supermarket and bought a dozen peaches and spent the night making a huge peach pie with a brown sugar crumble. It was soothing to my soul to create something so sweet and special since peaches are only around for a short season. 

Luckily for me (and Jim...of course) we got back together and I never made a peach pie ever again.  But that doesn't mean I don't love anything peach because I do!  Peach ice cream, peach cake, peach crisp, peach sangria, you name it.  I rounded up some peach recipes, sweet and savory, that would make be perfect on your summer party table or at your next picnic or barbecue!






  1. Oh dear, my mouth is watering all over my keyboard! These all look delicious, especially the pork tenderloin with peach sauce.

  2. Whoa! Looks like some good, peachy recipes here! Three Friends and a Fork


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