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DIY Easter Candy & Favor Bags

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With Easter on its way, I have been trying to think of a cute way to package some candy as a little treat for guests and my girls. Nothing overboard, just a little surprise for the end of the meal or as a take home favor. I created little paper favor bags with little more than some paper, my sewing machine, and some scissors!

paper favor bags

Of course, I couldn't settle on one of them so I made both! I used leftover wrapping paper and the pink toile just happened to be reversible which is great since you see a bit of the underside peeping from the top. I would use scrapbooking paper next time since wrapping paper has a tendency to curl.

For the pink favor bag, you begin by cutting out a rectangle, making it double the size you want your finished bag to be plus 1 more inch. So if you want a 5 inch long bag cut your rectangle 11 inches long.  If you want fancy edges, use your shaped scissors to cut just the short sides.  Next, fold the bottom of the rectangle up almost halfway. You'll want to leave an inch peeping out.

paper favor bags 002

Using a sewing machine with coordinating thread, sew around the two sides and the folded edge, stopping at the top. I sewed mine a 1/2  inch from the sides because I knew I was going to finish it with my shaped scissors. This gave me the extra to cut off without cutting the stitches.

paper favor bags 007
Isn't it sweet?  If you want you can fold the top inch down and over the contents. Seal it with a pretty sticker, maybe! I left mine open because I liked the blue peeping out.

paper favor bags 038 - Copy

The other paper favor bag option is to completely enclose the candy so that the kids have to rip into it! Fun! 

Cut out the shape of your choice x2. I chose an egg because it was going to be the easiest to sew. I tried a rabbit at first but that was a huge no-go. 
Wrong sides together, sew around your two egg pieces leaving an inch opening (or bigger if you want to add larger candies). Again, I sewed in about a 1/2 inch from the edge so I could trim the extra with fancy scissors. You don't have to do this though.
 After filling the egg with candy, sew up the opening, just as if you were making and stuffing a pillow.

favor bags 042

paper favor bags 055paper favor bags 057

I think the egg is perfect if you are traveling for Easter because nothing can fall out! I also thought adding a name tag to either of these makes them a cute place card in addition to being a sweet favor bag!

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