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Mother's Day Pin Cushion Craft

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I'm sharing a special Mother's Day craft with you today: a homemade pin cushion!  This pin cushion craft comes with a little story from when I was a young girl.

pin cushion

My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Mutter. She was the most gorgeous, smartest teacher I had ever seen (although she was the only teacher I had ever seen at that point) and I loved her. She had Farrah Fawcett hair and wore high heels every single day. What more could I have asked for?   And this sweet little pin cushion is the craft she had us make for our mothers for Mother's Day and my mom kept hers on her dresser ever since.  It was easy and I think it would be a great craft to make for teachers, volunteers, crafty friends, or moms!
scraps of fabric and trim
clean tuna can, label removed
steel wool
clean dryer lint
glue (I used hot glue but way back when I used plain old Elmer's glue.)

pin cushion1
1. Cut a strip of fabric slighty larger than the height and length around the can.
2. Glue the fabric to the outside of the can leaving extra at the top and bottom. Fold the end to make a finished edge and glue.

pin cushion4

3. Apply glue to the inside and tuck the fabric inside. Do the same for the bottom.
pin cushion

4. Cut a square of fabric about 10" x 10" and lay it right side down. Place your steel wool pad in the center.
pin cushion

5. Lay a good-sized wad of dryer lint on top. You will need quite a bit because it squishes down a lot.
pin cushion

6. Pull up and tuck all the edges to cover the lint.
pin cushion

7. Spread some glue onto the inside of the can and plop your lint ball on top. Smoosh the sides in and glue as you go to get the round, taut top you want.  Glue on some trim and you're done! 

pin cushion

pin cushion13pin cushion

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