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Christmas House Tour (Warning--Insane Amount of Pictures)

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Welcome!  I'm so excited to finally have some Christmas pictures to share with you.  Let's go in, shall we?  I sound like a fancy lady, don't I?  Shall we venture inside my abode and partake in some holiday revelry and cheer?  Why I think we shall! 

Our entry isn't large and grand but I managed to fit in some Christmas touches!

Isn't it annoying when bloggers show you the same thing in 25 different ways?  Yeah, I know. Ok so here's another picture of my ornament and pointsettias. HA HA HA HA!  Really, I thought this picture came out pretty well so that's why.  And besides, I have more than necessary of my banister.

Switched the fall colored bow to a white one on my coffee filter wreath to match the banister.

I'm late to the Baby It's Cold Outside chalkboard party but better late than never!

Did ya see the bows? Did ya? Did ya?

And into the living room we go!

OMG how cute is my dog?  She put her toy under the tree. Did Lassie ever put her toy under the tree? Eh, I think not. Do you remember Benji? No, of course your don't. But my dog would beat Benji on Jeopardy hands down. Paws down, I mean.

Your favorite and mine...Dining room time!  Yay!

Just playing with my new camera.

Moving into the kitchen now. I don't have a lot of counter space for lots of decorations so I concentrated on our bow window area.

You all know how I feel about my mantel (blech) so I don't do a lot. I kept the theme traditional and pretty simple.  And don't worry about Ellie. She has a stocking but it doesn't match so I took it off for pictures. Eventually we are all getting matching stockings but I haven't decided on what they will look like. I'm considering sewing them but we'll see.

And since our family room is the playroom right now I put some child-friendly decor around like some books, a small tinsel tree that they decorated with dollar store ornaments and an angel rag doll.

And finally, this picture of Ellie and her friend has nothing to do with houses or tours or Christmas but it was so sweet I put it in here. It's not edited at all so it's a little dark and raw looking but still. How cute, right?  They were watching for garbage trucks. 2 year olds rock. Well, they rock until they don't. You know what I'm sayin.

I have my parents coming in from a land far far away called North Carolina tomorrow. I doubt I'll be blogging much so if I don't talk to you please have a happy and healthy holiday!



  1. Speaking of rocking....this house tour rocks!! And the 2 yr olds? Couldn't be cuter! You have a lovely home!

  2. Looks lovely, have a lovely Christmas with your family!

  3. So pretty! Don't you just love having it all up? With all the lights? It seems so bare every year when I have to take it all down.

  4. your home looks beautiful! i love the swags on the stairs!

  5. I am loving all the photos! Specially your chalkboard and your vintage typewriters. Happy Holidays!

  6. Everything looks fabulous. I absolutely love the vintage typewriters !

  7. Very pretty! I love all the greenery, especially on the stair railing. Love the vintage typewriter and how great that you added the typed piece.

  8. Jenny, You Holiday decor is beautiful!

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    Have a crazy beautiful week!

  9. Found your blog through The Nester Christmas home tours. You have such a pretty home. Glad to be following you my friend. Diane


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