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Vintage Crates on Casters (Closet Organization)

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In the spirit of being a full disclosure blogger, I'd like to show you what has been lurking in our front closet. The closet that I insisted our new house have so that we don't have shoes and coats laying about. The closet I knew would help us stay neat and organized.  So here it is. And this is after we had tidied it up.

Frustrated, one day I had a stroke of genius. Remember those vintage crates I made eons ago? What if I put casters on them?  What if we filled them with our shoes and then rolled them in and out of the closet when we needed to find something or put something away?  Would that fix our problems?  YUP!

So easy to do!

Tools and supplies: Crate, drill, machine bolts (nuts and bolts), casters, pencil.  I chose bolts and casters that would be good for my size crate. I literally brought the crate to Home Depot and sized things up against it.

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This is a close up of the bolts in case you wanted the size.

Mark spots to drill.

Insert your screws from the inside so you have the bottom of the bolt on the bottom of the crate. This way it's nice and flat inside the crate.

See?  Nice and flat.

SO much better. We roll them in and out all the time now. It's been 2 weeks and our closet still looks neat and organized.


So did I tell you all that Jim gave me a Canon T3i for Christmas?  I never in a million years thought I'd get a DSLR. But he is so supportive of me and my little blog and he is always trying to make things easier for me. And WOW. So much easier. Half of these pics came from the new camera and half from my old. I didn't even play with any settings but left it on auto and still my pictures look so much clearer.  I can't wait to read all the tutorials I've pinned over the last year in the event I ever won one in a giveaway or something.  Here are some more pictures I've taken in which I played with the aperture a bit.

So I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and looking forward to a great week!  See you at the fabulous link parties that are around!



  1. I love the crates with casters!! The before picture of your closet looks a little like my laundry room currently, which is where we end up tossing our shoes. Now you've got me thinking! The pics from the new camera look fantastic! What a fun gift!

  2. What a great idea! Your closet looks wonderful. And your girls are gorgeous!

  3. Fantastic idea! I need one of those! Beautiful pictures of the girls!


  4. I think wheels are an ingenious idea! Functional and pretty. If you get a chance come link up at my Pin Party.

  5. What a completely brilliant take on storage! I love it!

    May the beauty, joy and peace of the season be yours.


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