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Dollar Store Craft Bonanza!

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Do you use the word "bonanza" ever? Me neither but that's exactly what has been happening around here!  I went  to my local dollar store (Dollar Tree) and they had a bountiful bevy of fun crafting stuff. I went hog wild with my $20!  Want to see?  This was my loot:

The little birds will get painted, the candle sticks are already painted to resemble milk glass. You really don't need a tutorial, right?  I mean c'mon. Ok fine. I'll tell you exactly what I did.

Step 1: 
buy white spray paint
Step 2:
spray paint candlesticks
Step 3: 
Watch People's Court 
 Let me know if you have any questions.

 The nest is already used in my Peony Spring Wreath, and the flower decorations will go in the playroom for the girls.

I made each girl a sign for her door using those pink foam signs, the crowns, and some flower stickers we already had.  Mind you, the colors are off because I took these at night. Sorry.

I'm not great at hand lettering so I used my usual method. It works for wood as well.

How to Letter a Sign
1. Print out your word in the font of your choice
2. Place it on your project
3. Trace the outline of each letter using a ballpoint pen tip, a pencil, or any other pointy tool. It leaves an impression that you can then either paint or color in with a marker.

We also decorated for St. Patrick's Day with dollar store stuff. 

I made Ellie an Easter sensory bin using dollar store plastic eggs and grass. Isn't it funny how we are all "I make sensory bins" and our mothers were like "Go outside and make mud pies or jump in puddles or scram." It's almost like the whole world is a sensory bin. Anyway, I feel a little guilty about it because it took more time to tape the dollar store eggs closed than it did to "make an Easter sensory bin."  But she loves looking for the eggs, sorting them into colors, etc. And I adore cleaning up Easter grass that gets tracked all over the house. Bonus.

Changing gears, look at what I scooped up at our local thrift store!  Suh-weeeeet!  That needlepoint lady is going to meet her doom soon. Aw, so sad.

 Haven't decided if it's staying gold or not. Thinking of hitting it with some heirloom white and then using Krylon's Looking Glass to make it look like an old mirror instead of an old needlepoint lady sighing over the fact she wasn't alive when Pinterest was around. Or looking at her boarding pass. Something like that.



  1. Post a pic if the milk glass candlesticks when you can. Looks like you're having lots of fun!


  2. Love it! You are so right about the sensory bin! Great idea, but I'll bet you a Friendly's BLT that had you asked for a sensory bin your mother would have said..."sensory bin? If you want a sensory bin go check out the bin in the closet with the dust cloth and a can of Pledge in it. See how good it feels to spray the Pledge then wipe it off with the cloth....!" :) Great ideas, all of them...especially love the door signs!

  3. Oh yes, please show the candlesticks!

    Happy Palm Sunday!


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