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FolkArt stencils

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I am so excited to share my latest project using  FolkArt stencils!  Ellie had this little white table next to her dresser that has always bugged me. It's just white and blah so when I had the opportunity to use some great crafting supplies from Plaid, a name I know and trust for crafting, I couldn't wait to begin!

 I received a box of goodies from Plaid which included one of their FolkArt stencils, FolkArt acrylic paints, and some really neat stencil pouncers in different sizes. FolkArt paints are some of my favorites to use so I knew this project would turn out well.

Isn't this stencil so sweet?  It is perfect for Ellie's room!  

Here is the table before I stenciled it. It is fine this way but I knew it could be so much cuter when I was done!

I taped off the areas I didn't want to paint and then taped the stencil in place.

Using a pie plate as a palette, I began to pounce some paint onto the stencil applicator and then I pounced some of the paint off onto a paper towel. I knew that too much paint meant bleeding under the stencil and I didn't want that!  Then all I did was pounce, pounce, pounce to fill in the areas of the stencil!

I used the largest applicator for the large sections and the smaller ones for the leaves and bird. I blended the different greens to give the leaves some variation.  I also added a large border of the same pink I used to stencil the bird and I also used a small paint brush to dot the pink around the leaves like flower blossoms.

I decided to add the stencil to the front of the table as well just to make it a little more colorful!  

  The  FolkArt stencil was so easy to use and the FolkArt paint is always smooth and true in color to use. I also really like the variations in the brown on the trunk...isn't it cool?  

I am so happy with Ellie's little table now! 

I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. I haven't tried a Folk Art stencil but I sure use the paints. The end table turned out really sweet!

  2. Jen, this table is awesome! You did a great job - not only in the "doing", but also the choice of stencil and colors. Wonderful! Your girls are so-o-o lucky to have you as a are making their world beautiful!

  3. I really love this stencil! I would love to borrow it for something in my home, Jen! Maybe my entrway stairs!!!!!! Booya! Let's chat!

  4. cute! That swirly tree is adorable

  5. Super cute table! I love painting furniture!


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