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9 Outdoor Space Ideas

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Are you excited about spring?  I am beyond happy. I love seeing the perennials come up and I get all sorts of landscaping ideas in my head. I went to the Home Depot this week during the day and it seems like every old man in the state was there too. Interesting. More interesting, they were all buying flats and flats of pansies. The deer eat our pansies so we aren't going with them this year. Oh dear.

We have a big backyard by Jersey standards and it is a whole lotta overgrown mess. Jim and my nephew worked on it last weekend and they plan on doing some more this weekend. They ripped out tons of 40 year old bushes and half dead pine trees that the hurricanes didn't manage to destroy. Plus, we had 3 large trees taken down due to damage. And now we can't stop thinking about all the things we want to do to our backyard! 
First on the list is a new path that leads from our driveway to our deck. Can't wait!  But in the meantime, Jim and I have been wasting mountains of time on the web searching for inspiration.
backyard makeover
Sustainable Garden

Blog Cabin 2012
Colorful Patio
Pea Gravel Patio and Path
Watcha planting this year?  Any big changes to your landscape?


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  1. These are very exquisite outdoor ideas! I will have to incorporate some of these ideas into my own decks and patios this summer! It's about time for me to upgrade with some beautiful flowers and vibrant colors!


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