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Signs of Spring

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Spring has sprung!
The grass is riz
I wonder where
the birdie is?
That's what my mom would say to us every spring. I'm guessing she didn't make it up herself but it stuck with me and now I say it to my girls. Molly rolls her eyes at me and corrects the grammar. Ellie sticks her tongue out at me. Sigh.
But yes, spring really is here!   I can spray paint outside again! 
Some other signs of spring?
Little girls twirl.

Daffodils, pansies, and hyacinths show off.
The sound of Jim's chain saw fills the air.

See that tree with  the face in the picture above?  The one with the big bushes?  The face came with the house when we bought it. One day we were talking about having some trees removed and Molly got very upset with us. She was almost in tears. She made us promise not to cut that tree down because "where will we ever find another tree with a face?" So cute!  So despite the fact that a tree face isn't my style, the face stays.

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