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How I Keep My Box Tops Organized

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Hi!  I was away for the last week or so, kickin my heels up at the beach in NC. It was awesome and I'm sure I'm going to bore you all with pics of my kids doing everything everyone else's kids do at the beach but we still think is super special anyway!  Hope y'all are doing fine!

So I have a few things I'm loving right now and pink carnations are one of them. I saw these in the market and knew they had to come home with me. They are so frilly and feminine, they almost look like they are wearing ruffled hats!

But the real reason for this post is that I've finally figured out how to save all those Box Tops for Education that we collect for Molly's school. I used to just throw them in a cabinet but I would lose them, they'd fall, etc. I then tried a plastic zip topped baggie but that was annoying too.  But I had a stroke of genius a few weeks ago and I have to share in case you are also befuddled by how to save those pesky little coupons.

You'll need:
1 envelope with a peel and stick flap
Marker or pen 

Ok, now pay attention because this will blow.your.mind.

1. Lay the envelope face down.

2. Write "Box Tops" on the back side now facing up with your marker or pen of choice.

3. Bend flap backwards toward the front of the envelope.

4. Peel the paper off the flap and stick onto the inside of a cabinet door in your kitchen.

Booooosh! Mind blown, right?  How stupid easy! And I have about 25 box tops in the envelope and it hasn't fallen or moved. We have to tape our box tops to special forms but if you don't you can just take it off, flip the flap over again, and voila! All done.

Sometimes it really is the small things that make a big difference!



  1. that's a good tip, because let me tell you, I have these things in my car, all over my purse, and in kitchen drawers LOL

  2. I have a ton of them to send you!


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