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Easy Fall Decor

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Today was a little crisp, a tad chilly, carrying a hint of fall!  It was lovely and I took the opportunity to add a touch of fall to our house!  But I'm not ready to go into the basement and carry up boxes, pack other knick-knacks away, blah, blah, blah. Instead I threw together some really easy and cheap autumn decorations. I intend to add in some pumpkins and apples to it all too. But for now, here is an easy fall decor idea that will add a hint of the upcoming season to your home.

I gathered up some sticks from our backyard and broke them to be about the same size. Then I looped a satin ribbon in a gorgeous chocolate color around the bundle and nestled it atop some fake foliage. It took me, oh, 12 seconds.

But I would like to show you how I like to tie things that tend to slide or scatter around. 

I lay my ribbon or string over the bundle.

I bring both tails of the ribbon underneath the bundle.

Then I bring the tails back up and tie my knot or bow. This makes it look nicer too because there is an even width of ribbon under the knot or bow. 

I placed my little bundle on some leaves with my favorite chunky candle holders that I like to keep on my barrister bookcase.

I know this isn't rocket surgery but then again, I don't blog about that.

Are you adding touches of fall to your home yet or are you still holding onto the last wisps of summer?



  1. Hello Jenny..beautiful arrangement. I am holding onto summer. With Fall, I feel, we have plenty of time to enjoy the warm colors up to Thanksgiving. From your newest follower, Linda

  2. That looks so elegant, it's now on my to do for in the morning.

  3. I love using branches too in my fall and winter decor....great tip!


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