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I never told you all but I sewed my first quilt a few months back.  

I used a jellyroll and just sewed the strips together and did my best at the whole batting/quilting/binding thing. I made mistakes but it was very fun to do and I love how my sweet little quilt. It is too small for us to really use but it would be perfect for a baby.

 Anyway, I decided I wanted to try something a bit bigger and interesting. I saw some pretty red and aqua fabrics at JoAnn's and spent yesterday cutting out quilt blocks. I'm undecided as to whether I'm going to sew them like this or make them into quilt blocks of two triangles of different fabrics. We'll see.

In my research I searched through gazillions of quilt tutorials and I discovered that quilters are artists and their artwork is amazing!

 chevron quilt


I am going to start a pin board with my favorite quilts and tutorials. In the mean time, you can follow my Things To Sew board and check out some of the quilt pins on it!


See you soon!


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