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Rug Pad Corner Rug Pad Review!

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Do you use area rugs?  We do. Our house has hardwood floors so we have area rugs in each room. I love how they look!  We spend a ton of time one them too, playing games, playing with Pixie, the girls color, etc. Jim and I always felt like our rugs should feel softer and we were always on the lookout for new, more plush rugs within our budget (not easy!).   

Then I was contacted by Rug Pad Corner and  they asked if I wanted to try their rug pads. Hmmm, my parents always used pads under their rugs. Why haven't I?  

 I'm sure you are aware that a rug listed as 8'x10' isn't really true to those measurements. Likewise for the other general sizes like 3'x 5' or 5' x 8'.  But Rug Pad Corner wanted my rug's exact measurements because each pad is custom measured and cut!

My rug pads arrived neatly packaged and well protected.

We started with our rug in the mail living room. We shifted the furniture out of the way and rolled up our area rug. We then unrolled the pad. I was happy to find that one side is soft but the other side has non-slip rubber backing.  I can remember my parents rugs slipping around our room and it was impossible to keep the pad under the rug so I was relieved when I saw this feature.

You can see the soft, plushy side in this picture.

The purple is the non-slip backing.
I'll be honest, Jim was a non believer at this point. He couldn't imagine that this rug pad would make a difference. But as soon as we rolled back the area rug over the pad we both noticed a HUGE difference. Immediately our rug felt softer, bouncier, and more comfortable under foot. 

You absolutely can't tell that we have a pad under this rug but you can feel the difference! Even the girls noticed and I find that they are on the floor a bit more with their drawing pads, books, etc. 

We were excited to try our next Rug Pad Corner rug pad in our family/play room next because we had just purchased a rug and we spend oodles of time in that room in the winter because it has the fire place. Would we notice a difference in a brand new wool rug that wasn't squished down yet? The answer is yes!  The rug feels even thicker and softer!  The girls have been doing cartwheels on it, in fact!

We also have two more that we placed under some uber cheap rugs (so cheap they came FOLDED in boxes) that we put in our unfinished basement for when we are down there playing. The cement floor is a non issue now because even my cheapo rugs feel thicker and the rug pads help keep the chill away.

 I'm beyond happy with my Rug Pad Corner rug pads!  They are fantastic quality and my rugs stay put and feel more plush too! And not only that, but they are the manufacturer of only 100% natural American made rug pads
- Natural recycled felt or natural untreated rubber
- Utilizing only American made fibers and materials
- Never any chemicals, glues or adhesives

You can visit their website at but you can also connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated with products. The opinions in this post are 100% mine.



  1. Hi, can you tell me the name of your rug and where purchased? Thanks

  2. Wow, those pads sound awesome! What a wonderful thing to have! And I love the red rug! Very elegant.....


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