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Conversation Heart Cupcake Toppers (Free Printables)

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I have more free printables to share with you for Valentine's Day!  This time I used the soft pastel colors of Valentine's Day conversation hearts as my inspiration.  All you should have to do is click on the link below, print it out on card stock or sticker paper, cut out each circle, and attach a toothpick to the back. Done.

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 Conversation Heart Cupcake Toppers

I would have printed some out to test it to make sure the dimensions were correct as it should print out as an 8x10 so 8.5x11 card stock or paper should work. However, our printer doesn't work. sigh. Does it ever seem that NOTHING ever works at your house?  I feel like we could spend every day just fixing stuff constantly. Anyway, if it doesn't work please, let me know and I'll resize it.  I am so far from a graphic designer/techy that I can never be 100% sure I have delivered to you what I promised! 


In other news, we didn't get slammed with the epic snowstorm they had predicted. But rather, we have a lovely soft and light snowfall. The roads are plowed and clear but it is very windy so we aren't venturing out today, not even to play. But it is peaceful to watch from out window.


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My dear friend stenciled this for me for Christmas. Isn't it lovely?  It is very apropos today, don't you think?

I hope you are warm and toasty!  Enjoy your day!


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  1. We've had blizzard conditions all day here in Nova Scotia. It's piling up about an inch or two an hour. All highways in the province are listed as "dangerous" except ours, which is "Closed'.


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