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Eclair Cake Recipe

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Jim's birthday was last week!  He's always felt like his birthday is a Christmas after-thought and even after 43 years he can still be a little bitter, um..I mean, sensitive about it!  I get it though. My birthday is in August and so I never had to compete with any holidays for attention but I can only imagine how it must feel to have your special day so close to the biggest special day of the year. Wah-wahhhh.
When we got married I decided to put effort into his day and to make it as festive and special as possible. This usually means I make him some kind of birthday cake that I know he would really enjoy. One year I made him a red velvet cake from scratch and, well, let's just say I am still finding red food coloring in my kitchen.

This year I went with an eclair cake. My man loves Boston Cream Pie so I thought this icebox version would be perfect!  Easy but still fun.

pastry cream desserts pudding cake

I used regular graham crackers and an almost homemade pastry cream for the layers. Then I topped it off with a delicious and decadent chocolate frosting.

Ice box cakes are pretty self-explanatory.  Crackers, pudding, crackers, pudding, crackers, pudding, and so on and so forth. My pudding/pastry cream was luscious and fluffy and stupid easy to make.

Combine 1 box of french vanilla instant pudding with 3/4 c. milk, 1 pint whipping cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and 1-2 tablespoons sugar. Then just whip it until it is thick and fluffy.  It made enough for an 8x8 inch size cake with three layers.

The chocolate frosting layer is a recipe from Chef in Training. If you haven't visited her site, I hope you will.  This blog is my go to blog for recipes!
desserts pudding icebox cake

Next time I will half the chocolate frosting. We all felt like it was a bit rich and made too thick of a layer for our liking.  But the flavor is spot on.

A good icebox cake needs to be chilled for as long as possible and I find they are always best the next day. The graham crackers need to be soft and cake-like for it to be truly perfect.

Try this cake..I promise you won't be disappointed!



  1. Um, speak for yourself on the chocolate layer! I thought it was perfect!!!!!! I would not change a thing!!!!

  2. Boy, do I know how he feels. My birthday is also close to Christmas and growing up I always had the question: Do you want to open this present for Christmas or your birthday? Awful thing for a kid to hear especially since none of my siblings ever had to answer it. I made my husband promise that even if it was only a token gift for my birthday that he never combine the two. His birthmother's birthday was Christmas Day but her husband and kids always made a point of Christmas morning being Christmas and Christmas afternoon was always her birthday time with birthday cards, birthday cake and birthday wrapping paper!!!

  3. Oh, mind this looks amazing. Pinning.

  4. Ahh...looks DeLiSHiOuS! Chocolate can NEVER be too rich or thick! Oh it looks so yummy!


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