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Sweater Refashion to Cardigan (Upcycle plus size clothing)

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easy sweater refashion

I have a ton of old clothes that I can't seem to part with.   I'm not sure why, they are all ugly and ill fitting and I should just chuck them but for whatever reason they are still in my drawers. I thought I might give some of them a little lift with some refashioning!  The first one experimented on was this old sweater by turning it into a cute little cardigan.

sweater to cardigan refashion

It was faded and way too short from too many times in the dryer. Plus it was a super cheap piece of clothing and I hadn't worn it in years.

So I cut it straight up the middle.

sweater upcycle diy

I added double fold bias tape to the cut edges. I used red for a nice contrast.  If you haven't used bias tape before it can have a bit of a learning curve so be careful and buy extra.    To apply the bias tape, open it up and pin it to the edge, right side to right side. Fold the top and bottom raw edges to create a nice finished edge to the tape.

Then stitch in the ditch, meaning run a straight stitch down the fold closet to your sweater edge.

clothing upcycle

Then fold the other side of the tape over so it covers the raw, cut edge of the sweater. Run a straight stitch down the edge of the bias tape so it catches both the front edge and back edge of the tape. I also edged the neckline with bias tape.

I added three fabric flowers I had made a while back and stitched them into place and I was done!  I think it's cute with some jeans and a string of pearls!

cardigan from old sweater

What do you think?

What else is going on?  Are you enjoying this winter?  I know, right??? It's nuts. I am so ready to see the daffodils pop up and to not have to worry about sliding on ice. March tends to be my least favorite month because I think it should start feeling like spring but it never really does.

You know what else?  Every kid in the preschool I work in is snotty and drippy and coughy and phlemy and I'm all done with that too.



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