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Last Minute Easy Valentine's Day Craft:Cupid's Arrows

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Valentine's Day is a mere 2 days away but there is still time to get your craft on and make this easy but festive Valentine's Day craft, Cupid's Arrows!  Such an easy way to jazz up your usual Valentine's Day decor!


Cupid's Arrows

cupid arrow hearts

 All you need to create these cute arrows is a wooden skewer, card stock, gold craft paint, and hot glue.

I cut each piece of card stock into rectangles approximately the size I wanted the feathery tail part and I gave each piece a couple coats of gold paint on each side. I only did it about 2/3 of the way up so that some of the color would show. You need two pieces of matching colors for each arrow.

valentine's day craft cupids arrows

A dab of hot glue secured the skewer to the card stock and then the skewer was topped with the other piece of card stock. A skewer sandwich!

Valentine's Day craft

Cut out two triangles from card stock and create another skewer sandwich on the other side for the arrow head. Once everything is dry and secure, cut your tail into the shape you want. I did a few different shapes. Then cut your "feathers" on an angle with a sharp pair of scissors.

Cupids arrows holiday gold paint

That's it!  They look so cute gathered in a glass vase in my dining room.

craft easy quick holiday card stock paint

I used three triangles for one of the arrow heads but I definitely found that two worked and looked the best.  These Cupid's Arrows would be a good Valentine's Day craft for kids too because you can use regular white liquid glue instead of hot glue.

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