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Beehive Cookies: Decorated Cookies For Spring

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iced sugar cookies spring beehives

I am feeling blue lately.  This extended winter is bringing me down and I keep trying to find signs of spring to lighten my mood.  We have a few daffodils poking up through the ground but otherwise there is nothing lively outside.  Cue the spring cut out cookies!  I used a new beehive cookie cutter and spent a few nights having fun with some colorful icing. I figure if spring can't come to me I will make my own!

I am no cookie decorator. My skills are lacking but I do love being creative and since these aren't going anyplace other than our tummies, I figure it doesn't matter if they are perfect.

This is the sugar cookie recipe I used and always use for cut outs. It is called The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Dough from

I like a thick, soft cookie so I roll mine out to about a half inch thick for large cookies and 1/4 inch for the smaller ones.

Don't those tulips look like Pac Man ghosts?  

I also watch my cookies very carefully and take them out at the first hint of golden edges.

First I outlined each beehive using royal icing in a thick enough consistency for it to come out smoothly from the bag but not run down the sides.  I use ziploc baggies with a corner cut off which is why my lines and details are not super straight.

spring cut out sugar cookies

My royal icing is 2 cups powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons light corn syrup, and 3/4 tsp of almond extract. I also used a little vanilla coffee creamer to give it a yummier taste.

Then I filled in every other layer and let it dry overnight.

iced sugar cookies spring beehives
I filled in the other layers this morning, using a slightly lighter yellow tint,  and let the icing dry. This made each layer really stand out!

Then I just made some flowers using 8 small dots surrounding a larger dot. A few little leaves and that's it!  So cute!!  Perfect? Nah. Fun? Yup!

iced sugar cookies spring beehives

iced sugar cookies spring beehives
I also did the flowers and bunny the same way. Outline, fill, dry, details.
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