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Baked Artichoke Hearts

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baked artichoke hearts breading appetizer side dish

You know how you aren't supposed to go food shopping hungry because you'll buy all sorts of stuff you don't need?  Yeah well, it is true as evidenced by the insanely large jar of marinated artichoke hearts on my shelf.

I tried to fry them first but didn't batter them before I breaded so the breading fell off. So instead of chucking all of the breaded artichoke hearts I had I just threw them in a baking dish and stuck them in the oven. What I ended up with was a crunchy, garlicky, yummy side dish that even Molly enjoyed!

It was so easy. I put about 2 cups of Italian style breadcrumbs in a large plastic bag. I tossed in the marinated artichoke hearts a few at a time into the bag and shook it around so each heart was completely coated. I placed them in a baking dish so there was one even layer (cookie sheet would work too) and  baked them at 375 for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.  Since the artichoke hearts are marinated in oil I didn't use any in the baking dish.

Really, give them a try when you are sick of your usual side dishes. Such a nice change!


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