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Spring Mantel (better late than never)

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spring decor blue bunny hydrangeas

I've had these pictures of my shades of blue spring mantel on my camera forever!  I've finally gotten around to editing and posting them so consider it a mini throwback Thursday!  Ha!  Anyway, I gathered up some dried hydgrangeas from my sister's garden last summer, a few blue mason jars, and spray painted some things a lovely robin's egg blue to create a sweet spring mantel that will take us through to summer!

flowers bird robin's egg blue

Rust-oleum recently added some colors to their line and I used Robin's Egg on the candelabra with Pearl over it. It creates a lovely, shimmery blue.

The little bird was bought to use as a door stop. It is heavy and worked well but now that we no longer needed it for that use it found a place on my mantel.

See this little bunny?  I put him out for Easter but I love him so much, holding his special parcel, that I am going to leave him there all spring!

I hope you enjoyed my spring mantel in shades of blues!  Like I said, I know I'm a little behind schedule but who doesn't like looking at pretty things no matter what, right? 

mason jars hydrangeas

spring mantel decorations



  1. I love the blue on your mantel! I need to be better about changing things up seasonally.

  2. How I love blue! I'm envious of those hydrangeas and anyone who lives in an area where they grow. Good eye on your mantle!

  3. It's gorgeous! And I'm glad the little bunny stayed. He's too cute!

  4. It looks great! I love the aqua color & that picture from is so cute! I like how the pictures are hanging instead of pressed between glass. Love it!

  5. This looks spectacular. I love the shade of blue you used. Pinned!

  6. Your mantel looks beautiful. I love the black & white pictures the pop of blue color really makes the black stand out on the mantel. Great job !!! Kim @ This Ole Mom

  7. Pretty! I love the bright blue against the black & white.


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