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Deck Mini Makeover Shopping List

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Molly is making her first communion in May and I thought would be the perfect time to refresh our deck a bit!  It is just one big flat boring deck but with a few touches I think it will clean up nicely!

This is a picture from when we first bought the house almost 4 years ago.

Very sturdy but very flat and boring!  So I planned a little quick and easy spruce up using the following:

Restore 10X Advanced: I'm guessing most of you have seen this in the local hardware store. We chose the Redwood color. It was um, interesting to apply and I'll tell you all about it a little later when I show you the deck put together.

I fell in love with the cool colors. Doesn't that blue/green look so serene?  I love love love it.

Formosa Umbrella Canopy: Our patio umbrella is in good working condition but after almost 10 years of use the canopy has gotten pretty shabby. It is ripped in some places and stained beyond reason from messy trees, birds, etc.  So instead of buying a whole new umbrella I just purchased a new canopy! So much cheaper ($19.99!).  I chose the cocoa color because  I thought it would look nice with the rug and the dark color should hide some of the tree mess we get every year.

And of course I am planning on filling in some spots with lush planters spilling over with colorful annuals.  Here are some of my inspirations:


Colonial Nursery NJ

Our weather turned cold again but when it warms up I'll be putting all these ideas together!  Can't wait!  Join me for a cup of coffee on  my deck!


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  1. I will be there for a HUGE Keurig cup of coffee!!! Love the rug, love the blue chairs, it's really shaping up! Very inviting!!!!


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