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Burlap and Lace Fall Silverware Pockets

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I love burlap and lace together....don't you?  The sweet and rustic balance is easy to decorate with and can be used in fancy occasions or just for the every day.  These little burlap and lace silverware pockets give a soft but rustic vibe to fall tablescapes and entertaining!

They were very easy to stitch up using this pretty ribbon I found at the craft store and while I sewed these, you can easily glue them or use a glue gun.

Choose a ribbon that is at least 2 inches wide. If you have wired ribbon like I did just pull each wire out of the sides after you cut the ribbon. 

Cut two pieces of ribbon: long piece=7" and short piece=5 "

Layer the short piece over the long piece, both right sides facing up.  \Sew around the edges starting the top of the short piece, down, and back up the other side. I ran my stitch up just a little past the short one and back stitched a few times so the seams didn't open when people pulled out the silverware.

It took me about 3 minutes to sew 5 of these pockets. I keep them in a basket in our dining room and it makes it very easy for the girls to set the table for dinner!

I hope you like this little fall craft project!  If you need a cheap centerpiece for your fall tablescape you can get an idea from this other fall craft idea



  1. OMG these are so wonderful! I absolutely love them!!! Great job!

  2. These are completely adorable! Pinning them :) :)

  3. What a super darling idea! Great for Thanksgiving.


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