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Hammock Love! Swinging through Summer

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I'm digging in my heels and I'm not going into fall gracefully.  I am abiding by the calendar and squeezing every second out of this season before being hurled head first into the next!  I love fall, don't get me wrong, but we had an epic summer and I am not ready to give it up!  So I'm not. And while everyone is paying full price for fall decor at the craft store I will continue to stock my summer shelves with 80% off stuff!

For Father's Day this year, the girls and I got Jim a hammock.  He is something of a leisure guru, if you will. Need to relax?  Ask Jim and he'll tell you exactly how, when, and where you'll find optimal relaxation. So what else do you give a guy like this but a hammock, right?  The ultimate in leisure.

Hammocks are like the anti-lawn mower. You are outside and you are literally hanging from nature. And yet, you are not doing yard work. You aren't getting sweaty, hauling anything, or edging a damn thing.  It is the stuff weak abdominal muscles are made of. Beautiful!

We threw on a few outdoor pillows (tutorial here!) and a cutesy sign to discourage wee visitors looking for goldfish crackers (which works exactly as well as you think it works...not at all) and his ultimate leisure spot was ready for him.

So how does he like it?  I have no idea. He's used it once. I, however, use it almost daily.  I whole-heartedly recommend getting one, putting it as far from the house as possible, and flopping in it often. It feels decadent and isn't that what summer is about?  Too much ice cream, long vacations, toes in the sand?  And leisure, lots and lots of leisure. 



  1. This was an awesome post! I can see Jim now, hanging in the hammock. (you, too)! It looks so comfy.

  2. I laughed out loud at "the stuff weak abdominal muscles are made of!" Hilarious.


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