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DIY Sharpie Pumpkin Candy Bowl (Halloween Craft)

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Tis candy season !  Cancel your pedicure appointments, stop shaving above your ankles, and fill a DIY thrift store pumpkin candy bowl with some "fun sized" candy (which isn't fun, by the way. Making candy smaller is the exact opposite of fun).  

This little copper bowl (planter?) is transformed into a sweet jack-o-lantern Halloween candy bowl with a black Sharpie!  That's it!  It is as easy as drawing three triangles and mouth with a permanent marker to create a festive Halloween decoration!  Cute, right?  

I drew my face freehand but you can always measure patterns on paper and trace your shapes with the marker first before filling it in if you aren't confident with your drawing skills.

In other news, Pixie is toying with the idea of being Wonder Woman for Halloween. She isn't sure about her costume. Thoughts?


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  1. The bowl is so cute! And Pixie is adorable!!! But the look on her face says..."Grandma, come save me from this!" Love it!


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