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DIY Flannel Throw Blanket

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You all know about my love for plaid and I can't seem to stop the love. I recently fell in love with a gray plaid flannel and whipped up a DIY flannel throw blanket in a weekend!

I added some fun pom poms on each corner too.

I started with 3 yards of flannel which I cut in half so I had two pieces that measured 1.5 yards (by whatever the width is...45" I believe.)
I also cut one piece of mid weight batting to the same dimensions.

I layered and pinned the layers like this from bottom to top:
flannel right side up
flannel right side down

I also added the pom poms at this time. They are sandwiched between the two flannel layers with the pom poms were pointing toward the middle.  When I made the pom poms I left the ties long so I had enough to pin to the corners.

Then I stitched around the outside with a 1/2 " seam allowance. I stopped and started so as to leave about a 6-8" opening.
I flipped it outside right just like a pillow case. I treated the batting and the neighboring flannel as one piece and flipped it so both sides of the flannel were outside (top and bottom of the blanket) with the batting sandwiched in the middle.

Then I tucked in the edges of the opening stitched it closed. Of course, one could always hand sew it closed too but I used my machine.

I quilted it by running a straight stitch every 3 inches following the lines of the plaid. This will keep the batting from bunching and shifting.  That's it!

 Pixie still prefers a tummy to keep warm though.



  1. so cool! thanks for sharing the details. i don't sew but this is inspiring for "maybe someday!"

  2. Nice project Jennifer. Pixie looks so cute and cozy. Glad to see your comments showing up.

  3. Looks great! I have a throw fetish...You can never have too many!


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