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Gold for Your Shamrocks

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I am not Irish and I didn't grow up celebrating St. Patrick's Day other than my mom making corned beef. I didn't know the leprechaun was "a thing" and forget to tint the milk and toilet bowl water every year. But I am trying to get into this fun and festive holiday more,especially since March should be renamed 31 Days of  Staring Out Your Window In Despair.

Why?  It is long, cold, windy, drab, and sort of just a fun sponge in general. You think it is spring but it really isn't. Not one little girl is excited to have to wear a turtleneck under her pink Easter dress and mud seems to be the theme of every March event. Soccer practice? Mud practice. Easter egg hunt?  Mud hunt.  Start of your garden?  Sure, you'll get a head start on growing all your mud.

But St. Patrick's Day has become my little gold nugget (heh heh) in all that dreary, windy, mud filled, fun-sucking month.

A few years back I bought a sweet little clutch of shamrocks. I managed to keep them alive and when they are outside in the summer they thrive into a huge lush puff of sweet white flowers and dark green leaves. In the winter, they tend to thin out and the soil is seen more and more. This year, I created a little leprechaun gold to camouflage it until the summer!

I used some Rustoleum gold spray paint and  the marble chips they sell at garden centers. I picked out some of the smaller pieces to fit into my wee little pot and gilded them up!  So cute!  I love it my little pot of gold and until the spring/summer the soil will be hidden!

The shamrocks are now my centerpiece in my dining room. I gold charger and some chocolate coins bling it up a little more.

Here are some of my other St. Patrick's Day projects too!

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