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St. Patrick's Day Free Printables

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I made some cute and simple decorations to add some  St. Patrick's Day free printables fun to parties and classrooms!  
For more St. Patrick's Day decor, you can see my St. Patrick's Day wreath HERE.

The shamrock cupcake toppers are quick to make, too. Simply print by clicking the link to access the printable as a PDF, cut out each circle and tape it to a toothpick or lollipop stick. Really easy which is how I like it. 

I made an 8x10 pot-o-gold poster which I created with children in mind. I thought they would like the colors and simple graphics.  

I am bummed that tonight is the season finale of Downton Abbey, aren't you?  It doesn't seem fair that they only make 6 episodes a year.  And it isn't fair that we don't dress like that anymore. I want beads and frothy gowns to wear to dinner. Jim would be so thrilled to wear a tux every night, wouldn't your husband? HA HA HA!  Poor Jim would fret over dry cleaning bills.

Our weather this week is supposed to be cold cold cold which makes me sad sad sad. What cheers you up during the dreary winter months?  I think sewing helps me so maybe I'll do some of that.

I'd love to make this ruffly clutch which is over at See Kate Sew.  It would be such a pretty spring purse! I'm not sure my skills are up to par, though.

Ok, off to see how Anna and Mr. Bates are doing.  


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  1. What darling printables Jenny!

    I thought the season finale of Downton was fabulous. Full of wonderful eye candy.

    Have a lovely week.


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