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Blog Feature Friday: Curb Alert!

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This week's blog feature is Curb Alert!  You know what a curb alert is, right?  Like on Craigslist when someone is offering something for free?  It is called a curb alert which basically means come and get it before the garbage guys do. We crafty girls loooove a curb alert because it means you can get something fabulous with a little work for free. And that's exactly what Tami at Curb Alert! shows off on her blog!  All sorts of fabulousness!

Tami's supply of trash seems endless and so are her ideas to turn it into treasure!  Here are some of my favorites!

 These are fancy, boutique topiaries, right?  She probably bought them for $200 a piece, right? Topiaries that large are way out of your budge, right?  Wrong. Tomato cages. And she gives a full tutorial. Brilliant!

Y'all know how much I love a cheaper way to create trendy and fun pillows!  I love the idea of using place mats which you can score on sale all the time! And hello!  These are no sew. NO SEW, people!

You will NEVER believe how this dresser began its life before becoming gorgeous and modern and oh-so-Pottery Barn-ish. Tami sees beauty in pieces where others can't see it. 

Tami started off with the same little bright blue kitchen we see on Craigslist all the time (or in our playrooms) but she changed it up and now it matches her other spaces!  How cute!  My girls would love to hang out in this cafe!

This fire pit that Tami found in the garbage is a perfect example of how a little work makes trash into treasure. Plus, it is inspiring me to do something with the rusty fire pit I took out of my neighbor's trash a few months back!  This picture is the before and you'll have to visit to see the after!

Tami is a super sweet blogger and she is such an inspiration to us all!  She proves that if you have an eye and some energy you can have a fabulous looking home on the cheap!  Remember, Curb Alert! 

Oh and Tami hosts a link party on Saturdays so que up some of your best trash-to-treasures and link up!



  1. I absolutely love her blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature. What a sweet surprise!


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