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Forcing Forsythia

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When will spring ever come???  I'm not a lover of winter. I don't relish winter sports. I don't enjoy winter food like stews and soups, and I detest feeling cold.  Most of all, I get tired of the colorless and dreary appearance of winter. I do not find bare trees beautiful or brown grass inspiring. I long for the colors of spring.

In our old home, we had giant forsythia bushes that lined our back fence. The best thing about them was that they were early bloomers so, along with the little crocus out and about, they were my lifeline to spring. It was almost as if they would say to me, "It's coming!  Be patient!"  But I'm not one to be patient so every year about this time I would force a few branches inside.  In a few days I would have a clutch of yellow blossoms that would give me a sneak peak (and a bit of relief!) of what was yet to come.  Forcing forsythia is easy and I wish I had some at this house to force.

Check your bushes for small buds. That's the time to force, when they have buds but haven't opened. Cut as many branches as you wish to force. Smash the ends just slightly, trim any branches that would be below the water line (or they will rot) and put the branches in lukewarm water.  Easy!

My pretty granite. sigh. How I miss you.

source: ehow

Since I don't have forsythia at this house I have daffodils I'm forcing. Some animal dug them up and they were a little frozen. Perfect since now that I have them inside they think it's spring and now I have daffodils popping through in my kitchen. Can't. wait.




  1. Can't wait to see your daffodils in the kitchen! Thank you also for the link :)


  2. I have a forsythia bush and am definitely going to give this a try! Would love for you to stop by and link up to the Tuesday To Do Party if you haven't already!


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