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Latest and Greatest #17 Features

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I'm on a Pinterest binge right now but I had some great features to share from last week's party!

Here are the top viewed links this week!

One Screw Gallery Wall Tutorial

This is an amazing way to hang a gallery wall!

Bedroom Reveal

I love every single thing in this room!

DIY Scarf Storage

I so need this. You do too, don't you.

Valentine's Day Wreath

I love that it's festive but you can really leave it up
all spring too. So sweet!

And one of my personal faves

Valentine's Day Bunting

I like the sheet music as the background. So cute!

Thanks to everyone who linked up this week!  Come by for tomorrow's party!



  1. Oh my! Thank you so much for including me with this great group! I heart everything about the Creatively Living bedroom too! You made my night!!

  2. Oh, and I just got all signed up with the linky follower tool. It'd be great if you want to follow me back. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the feature!!!

    Have a great weekend!



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