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Spring Fever

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I'm having a bit of spring fever, me thinks. All I want to do is think about bulbs blooming, birds chirping, and putting the winter coat away.  I have several started projects but have no desire to finish anything. I put my healthy eating journal next to the coffee pot and promptly forgot all about it.  My laundry is piled to the ceiling, Molly's room is a disaster, Jim wore the same jeans more times than I can admit to you all, and yet all I want to do is play play play!  And so I am.  Do you do that?  Do you allow yourself to goof off?  In college, goofing off was a way of life for me. Oh I got my work done and graduated with honors, blah, blah. But many a day were spent on the quad lawn watching TKE and Theta Chi walk by.

So this week I'm allowing myself to be that goof off again!  I'm baking cookies with Molly, razzing Ellie's belly a bit more, and enjoying leaving work behind. It will still be there when I come back from my little escape!

Those who live around me, enjoy the 50 degree whether today. You can find me at the park or in the backyard watching the daffodils poke through the ground. Join me!



  1. You go, girl! Have a great day!

  2. HA! I have to laugh because this is SO me right now!!! Spring will be here soon- hang in there!!

  3. I'm so sad that I feel like I missed winter, but I totally agree with you! All of this warm weather is really giving me spring fever - it has to be cold or warm...not back and forth!


  4. Haha! Just read this! You sound just like me. Goofing off is a way of life for me still, I get sidetracked so easy! Jess's room is a disaster too and we have cold weather which equals....um I will deal with that later!


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