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Features! Yippee!

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I woke up to a sunny, cooler day today and it's put me in a fantastic mood! I did a mess of laundry, had my sister over for lunch, baked some blueberry danish things (another post for another day) and now I'm going to go stain my bamboo blinds. But first, let's talk features! You are all so great to link up each week and I truly appreciate it. I try to feature or Facebook some of the links during the week so everyone gets a little extra publicity. Plus I'm always so impressed by what everyone creates. I hope you enjoy this week's features too!

Here are some favorites!

Music Inspired Coffee Table

This idea is so sweet and clever. I would love to use sheet music from our wedding song!  What a great conversation piece too!

Turquoise Secretary Desk

Her first furniture refinishing project?  I don't believe it!  The color is gorgeous and I'm totally digging the original hardware.


Favorite Products for Furniture Refinishing

I love when bloggers blab all their secrets, including their favorite weapons. I pinned this so I could always refer to it!

Beaded Vases

These sparkly vases are so versatile!  I think they would make a great gift and you could use different colored beads for any holiday or decor!

Breakfast Nook

I told Anne I wanted to sit here and have coffee. Don't you agree?  I can picture us sitting there and solving the world's problems over coffee and quiche. Isn't it the perfect place to eat quiche?  Maybe it should be a quiche nook.


Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Ok if I have to explain why these rock you are a weirdo. I mean it. Who wouldn't love this?  Cookie dough?  In my cupcake?  And then top it with a homemade chocolate chipper?  And put some yummy icing on top?  Sign. me. up.


 Thanks for participating this week and I hope those who were featured will grab my button and post it some place. And I hope I see you all tomorrow!


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