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I'm the world's best teacher

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No lie. I am. I'm also the #1 teacher. I have proof. My mugs have it printed right on them so I know it is true. So since I am those things, you can't give those mugs to your child's teacher as an appreciation or end of the year gift because, well, it wouldn't really be fair. It's like when you were heading out to the bar/club and you didn't tell your skinny friend her butt actually did look big in those pants. Not an outright lie but not right nonetheless.

Soooo, what to do now? Buy her a gift card to Dunkin Donuts (or whatever your regional coffee love spot is) and that's that because A) we get paid to do what we do and we know you appreciate us because you don't send us ugly emails and B) we want free coffee. But if you are crafty (HA HA HA! IF? IF you are crafty? OMGosh that's a hoot. I see you with those book pages in your hand) here are some ideas of cool teacher gifts that I wish I had gotten as a teacher. Oh and if you are from NJ and reading this, reread it again at the end of June. blah.

Beverage Containers
Talking makes us thirsty.

Crayon Monogram Art (I really want this for my next classroom)
Probably not a good idea for high school teachers or college professors.  This has been around a while I know but it still makes me happy.


Pencil Monogram Art
(get the point?  heh heh)

Colored Pencil Vase
So happy looking, isn't it?

Chalkboard Pot and Seeds
Cute and useful!

Fabric Flower Pin
We can wear it with our holiday sweater vests.

Craft Bucket
Storage is always an issue in most classrooms and a neat container like this would always come in handy!

To hold our Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

If you aren't feeling your craft right now here is a list of things that teachers always seem to like (in my experience)

books--most teachers I know have to create their classroom libraries at their expense. It is hard to accumulate that many books. Any gently used books or new are appreciated.

Classroom do-dads--you can get these at teaching stores, Dollar Trees, and Staples. You know the stuff:  borders, shaped cut outs, stamps and stamp pads, stickers, cute magnets, etc. We buy that stuff ourselves  and it is so nice when we get some as a gift.

Breakfast--I once walked in and found a cup of coffee and a muffin on my desk. Best.morning.ever.

A letter praising us--I don't accept Christmas gifts unless they are homemade. I ask that if parents truly want to do something to show appreciation they can write a letter to my principal telling him/her so and why they feel that way. Then they can send a copy to the superintendent. It means so much!  This is so meaningful to us!

Movie tickets--I'm guessing I don't need to go into any detail about this. Free movies=good.

I guess my point is that we do what we do because we have to...it's who we are. We love your kids, we love teaching. A sweet, small gesture goes far and it shouldn't need to be a big glossy expensive gift to show us you appreciate us. 



  1. Wow--some awesome ideas on here and I will probably use every single one of them! Thanks to all of you. Bloggers rock! Thanks Jenny!

  2. I love the cup idea. I seriously think they are the best gifts!


  3. Great ideas, every one! Good job, Jenny!

  4. Love love love these ideas!!
    Who rocks???
    You do!

  5. Great teacher appreciation ideas! I would have loved any of them when I was in the classroom.

  6. I really like the first one!
    Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday! I posted a special announcement on my blog today that I hope you'll check out, and I'm giving away a cute clutch over at Happy Hour Projects!


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